In which step did the student first make a mistake and how can it be corrected?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step 1: It should be m∠m + m∠n + m∠o = 180° (sum of angles in a triangle) Step-by-step explanation:He made the mistake in Step 1: m∠m + m∠n + m∠p = 180°It should be m∠m + m∠n + m∠o = 180° Then only, he can equate it with m∠o + m∠p in step 3. So,  m∠p is the exterior angle and m∠m and m∠n are the two remote interior angles.m∠o is the adjacent angle to m∠p. They form a linear pair.Hence, the correct answer is Step 1.I Hope It's HelpfulHint The Brainliest :)