PLEASE HELP MEE I CAN'T SOLVE THIS BY MYSELF! Find the value of x in each case: SV ∥ RUPicture:https://homework.russianschool.com/resource?key=18138ipoy3mk7

Accepted Solution

Answer:x = 22Step-by-step explanation:The figure is attached below.Its given that SV is parallel to RU. We have to find the value of x.Observe that, if we join point V to U, we will obtain a parallelogram RSVU. One of the properties of a parallelogram is that the sum of its two adjacent angles is always 180 degrees.So, the two adjacent angles would be: ∠S and ∠RFrom the figure:∠S = 5x + 4∠R = 44 + xSince,∠S + ∠R must be 180 degrees, we can write:∠S + ∠R  = 1805x + 4 + 44 + x = 1806x + 48 = 1806x = 132x = 22Therefore, the value of x is 22.