The latest online craze is a new game, Khan on Seven. You get 100 points for playing the game. In addition, you get 50 points for each seven-letter word you make with the ten letters you receive. Sal wants to break the record, and he needs 18,000 or more points to do so.Write an inequality to determine the number of seven-letter words w, Sal could make to break the record.

Accepted Solution

Answer: I do not know the exact inequality to determine the the solution, but I do know the answer. 359x50+100> 18,000Step-by-step explanation:359x50=17,95017,950+100=18,050It would be greater than instead of greater than or equal to because he wants to break the record, not tie it. Hope this helps and you can find the solution equality instead of just the answer like I could only do.